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Terms of Use (ToU) & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you use the Images and Photos that are provided for free , you should read the Terms of Use Images that we provide as follows :
Free photo images that we provide can be used only for the limited purposes of illustration or Web Blog Postings both for personal and commercial purposes .
Any use must give credit or a link that has been provided under the Attribution drawing page .
Almost images used distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. and some of them with the provision page. and the other is dedicated for Public Domain.
Use images for both print campaigns, banner , banners , magazines , newspapers , media and other printing needs , it should display url www.hernawan.web.id  except images / credits have another party ( the third party ) .
Use of images for electronic media such as video , tv and others, should also display url www.hernawan.web.id except images / credits have another party ( the third party ) .
If you use the image on www.hernawan.web.id  means you have understood all of the Terms of Use The images we provide.
Changes in these conditions may occur without notice and will be updated on this page . or you can read the Frequently Asked Questions below

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use images from this site for my personal or commercial project?
Yes, you can use any of the images found on this site for any commercial or non-commercial use. No questions asked. In fact, but you can not republish/sell it as well. I would be happy to know that you made some money out of my work. And please provide a link back to this site when you use any of my images.

Can I edit these images?
Yes, you can edit and modify these images without my permission but you can not use it in any commercial or personal work.

How do I link back to your site?
I would be extremely happy if you can support my efforts by linking back to this site. When you use an image from this site, you can write something like: Source – http://www.hernawan.web.id , Or Photo by Budi Mulyono – http://www.hernawan.web.id For more information on how to link to this site, please check Link To Us page.

Can I link to these images from my site?
Yes! I was provide the link image on any page of images.

How do I download the images?
You can follow any one of these steps: 1. Right click on the image, select “Save image as” option, select the folder in which you want to save and then click “Save” 2. When you click on the link to high resolution image, it opens in a new tab. Right click on the image, select “Save image as” option and thenselect the folder in which you want to save and then click “Save”

How do I use the images?
Please follow easy steps way: 1. Right click on the image, select “Copy Image Link Location” option. 2. Paste it on to your blog post or webpage.

From where are these images obtained?
Almost of the images in this site is from my camera, and some of them are from images with free copyright, submiting from user and creative commons images.

Can I donate my images to this website?
Yes, you can certainly donate.

How do I inform you to remove certain images?
You can go to Contact Us page and send me link of the image on my site. You also need to send me the reason why I need to remove the image. If I find the reason is good enough, I will remove that image from this site.